Rumor: Sony's NGP console to team up with AT&T?

Sony is trying to keep a number of details about its upcoming NGP portable console a secret until its pre-E3 2011 press conference on Monday evening. However, the rumors are still flying across the Internet about what the next generation portable console will have in terms of its hardware and other features. Late on Friday, IGN reported via unnamed sources that Sony will be holding a meeting with developers and game publishers about the NGP's 3G access capabilities.

The story claims that the meeting will be held on Wednesday during E3 and that it will be "hosted" by none other than AT&T. If true, that would seem to open the door to speculation that AT&T will be the wireless provider for the NGP's 3G access. The meeting might also brief developers and publishers on things like pricing and other features for the 3G access to the NGP console. Officially, Sony's Playstation division won't comment on rumors and speculation when asked about this latest story.

AT&T has partnered with Nintendo in the past with its WiFi based DS portable consoles. AT&T has opened up all of its many US WiFi hotspots to be used by those consoles for free. The company just announced a new agreement this week to let people who own the new Nintendo 3DS console use all of AT&T's nearly 24,000 WiFi connections. If there is an agreement with Sony on 3G access for the NGP console, AT&T could also let NGP users access its WiFi hotspots as well.

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