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Rumour: Slim and rebranded Xbox 360 for Natal bundle?

If rumours are to be believed Microsoft's Xbox 360 is set to go slim and receive a subtle rebrand featuring black as the console's main colour when it is bundled with the much anticipated project Natal, reports TechRadar.

According to the blog of well-known source "Surfer Girl", a "slim Natal bundle" will be revealed at one of two Microsoft press conferences at this years E3, with the console's white colour being replaced by black. Surfer Girl says in the blog post that the change is because Microsoft "feel that the new system needs to be black because a white Natal wouldn't sit well next to the typical gloss black tv". Only the Xbox 360 Elite is currently available in black.

Surfer Girl also hinted at one of the games that will be unveiled for Natal, writing "Might Get Shot if I were to tell." With the first letter of each word highlighted in red, it is easy to draw the conclusion that a new Metal Gear Solid game could be amongst the first games to take advantage of Natal's motion sensing capabilities.

For now it is all just rumours, but everything will be revealed for certain at this year's E3 Expo in June.

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