Samsung Adds Broadcom Chips for 3G Phones

Officials with Samsung, the world's second-largest cell-phone maker, announced yesterday that they are shipping new 3G handsets with Broadcom chips in a collaboration extending a deal first struck last year between the two companies for Samsung to launch Broadcom's first-generation 3G technology. The Broadcom 3G cellular solutions selected by Samsung, of Seoul, South Korea, for its SGH-J750 and SGH-A401 mobile phones include the BCM2133 EDGE baseband processor, the BCM2141 WCDMA co-processor, the BCM2045 Bluetooth transceiver and the BCM59001 PMU (power management unit). When paired with the BCM2133, the BCM2141 allows users to remain connected as they travel among GSM, GPRS, EDGE or WCDMA coverage areas. The BCM2141 also utilizes a low-power architecture to improve battery life and a programmable RF interface for system-design flexibility.

The new Samsung 3G mobile phones are now shipping to cellular operators in multiple countries, including Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Additional Samsung products with Broadcom's 3G solutions will be released by the Christmas season.

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