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Samsung announces industry-first 12nm DDR5 memory with optimizations for AMD

Samsungs DDR5 memory chips

Samsung is on track to start mass-producing new memory chips for DDR5 DRAM built on the industry-first 12nm process. The company aims to begin manufacturing the new chips in 2023 to "advance next-generation computing, data centers, and AI applications" thanks to improved performance and greater power efficiency.

The new 16-gigabit (Gb) DRAM chips from Samsung will benefit all platforms utilizing the DDR5 standard. However, the company highlights improvements specifically for AMD. The official press-release claims those chips are "optimized and validated" for the latest AMD Zen platforms with DDR5 support (Zen4 and AM5 socket).

Samsungs DDR5 memory chips

Switching to a newer 12nm technological process allows Samsung to push the speeds up to 7.2Gbps (roughly translates into processing two 32GB UHD movies in just one second) while consuming up to 23% less than the "previous DRAM." The updated memory will use a new high-k material with increased cell capacity and improved "critical circuit characteristics." Samsung also brags about the industry's highest die density, which increases wafer productivity by 20%.

Samsung promises to utilize the new 12nm DDR5 DRAM chips in a wide range of market segments, so expect faster and more efficient RAM in all sorts of computers and servers. You can learn more in the official press release.

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