Samsung announces three new monitors ahead of CES

The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 starts next week, and companies are making a lot of announcements leading up to the event. Today, Samsung revealed three new monitors aimed at different crowds, aiming to compete with LG's announcements from last month.

The most distinctive of the three products is the Space Monitor, which focuses on a minimalistic design that saves space on your desk while also providing some flexibility. The monitor clamps to the edge of a desk and stands on an arm that keeps it straight, so it can be pushed up against a wall and blend in fairly well. The monitor also features a "Zero Height Adjustable Stand", which lets users bring the screen closer to them and even down to the desk's surface at will.

The Space monitor comes in two variants - a 27-inch model with a QHD display and a 31.5-inch variant that offers 4K resolution. Aside from the fancy stand, there's not much that's special about the display, with no HDR or ultra-wide resolution. The monitor is actually already up for pre-order on Amazon, with the 27-inch variant costing $399, while the 31.5-inch model costs $499. You'll need to pre-order by January 11, though.

Next is the CRG9 QLED gaming monitor, a curved ultra-wide offering with a 32:9 aspect ratio, similar to LG's UltraWide Monitor. It comes with Quad HD resolution (5120x1440) and support for HDR10, while also offering brightness up to 1,000 nits. Being that it's aimed at gamers, there's a couple of welcome additions, such as a refresh rate of 120Hz, a response time of 4ms, and support for AMD's FreeSync 2 technology.

The monitor also supports picture-by-picture, allowing two video sources to be on the same screen at the same time. As for I/O, there's one HDMI port, two DisplayPorts, one USB 3.0, and a headphone jack.

Lastly, there's another curved monitor aimed at content creators. The UR59C is a 32-inch display which comes in at 4K resolution in the more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio and offers a 2,500:1 contrast ratio. The display offers 1500R curvature, which Samsung says should offer more immersion when editing and viewing content.

The monitor is pretty thin at 6.7mm, and there are no bezels around sides and the top of the display. The metal stand allows for more discreet cable management and the monitor itself features a fabric-textured back for a more premium feel.

All of these monitors will be at CES next week, and you can check them out at booth #15006.

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