Satya Nadella sounds the alarm, literally, to kick-off Microsoft hackathon

Satya Nadella is pushing a lot of change across the Microsoft org and a new event is kicking off this week called //OneWeek. The week is dedicated to updating the employees on the corporate mission, boosting morale and holding one massive hackathon. The hackathon kicked off today and we have gathered images from the event that offers a peek inside the world of a Microsoft employee.

The hackathon is a massive event for Microsoft with over 10,000 employees said to be participating in the event. For those of you who are not familiar with what a hackathon is, it's an event where employees will break from their typical responsibilities to work on projects that they are passionate about but the catch is they only have 36hrs to complete the project. These types of events are designed to inspire creativity and allow employees to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions or applications that fill a gap not currently offered by the company.

The hackathon is not limited to the corporate campus, employees from around the world are participating in the event. While we do not expect to see any shipping products by the end of the event, there is a very real possibility that the projects could turn into features for existing products. 

After a rough few weeks with layoffs being announced and head-count being reduced, you can bet that Microsoft is going to do everything it can to boost moral at the corporate campus this week to make sure employees stay energized and focused.

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