Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores will have volcanoes, rowboats, cargo runs, and more

Sea of Thieves is currently hosting its second campaign event, where players can go up against skeleton ships threatening outposts all over the world. But, today at gamescom, Rare was keen to share details on what's next for its pirate adventure title.

As previously teased, Forsaken Shores will bring about a brand new region named Devil's Roar for players to sail in, one with volcanoes, earthquakes, and geysers. The highly requested addition of rowboats is also a part of this update.

However, as a new reveal, Rare said today that the Merchant Alliance company will begin offering cargo runs as a new quest. This will have pirates ferrying goods from one part of the world to another. The twist is that there are various types of cargo that can get spoiled in their own ways, such as bottles of rum that needs protection from damage, cloth that needs to remain dry, and plants that require water.

Between the current Cursed Sails campaign and the upcoming Forsaken Shores will be when the next Bilge Rat adventure will be kicking off. Titled Cursed Crews, this smaller event will enable players to get their own cursed cannon balls to wreck havoc on other ships. A new flag named Reaper's Mark will also drop with this adventure, that will mark the crew's ship location on the map for all other pirates crews on the server, useful for crews looking for some PVP action.

Going back to Forsaken Shores, the major update will be launching on September 19, which also happens to be the International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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