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Sea of Thieves is getting major ship customization upgrades with Captaincy Update

Sea of Thieves Season 7 screenshot

Every three months Rare kicks off a new season of Sea of Thieves content with a major update, and while Season 7 was delayed a little, it's almost ready for primetime. The long-time-coming Captaincy Update is dropping on August 4, and the Xbox studio today detailed the major changes it will carry. Mainly being a customization focused-update, it carries many changes asked for by the community for years now.

Beginning with Season 7, players will be able to permanently purchase a ship with in-game Gold when starting a session instead of using a given freebie. This makes them the "Captain" of the purchased vessel, enabling them to name it (shown off on the crest) and customize many of the previously static elements in the Captains Cabin room.

Everything from the Captains Chair and Bed to the rugs and walls can be tinkered with. Things may get jostled out of place during rough seas and battles, but a handy "adjust" prompt will let annoyed pirates return them to their original states. Ship states can now be saved too, letting captains keep the look of their ship (even battle wounds) static from session to session.

Captains can also choose exactly what kind of voyages they want their crew to embark on and even purchase stocks of cannonballs, planks, and other resources straight to the ship to skip the gathering phase. A new NPC faction can now be found at all outposts too, but unlike the rest of them, the Sovereigns will only deal with Captained crews, letting them offload all loot onto their hands in one place instead of having to go around looking for each type of Trading Company.

The full list of features and changes will be included in the patch notes that will arrive alongside the Season 7 update, which is currently slated for August 4 across PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

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