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Shots fired: ASUS says people who want to buy the gold Apple Watch are out of their minds

Interested in buying the gold Apple Watch? ASUS thinks you're out of your mind, in what appears to be the start of their advertisement campaign to push their own smart watch - the ZenWatch - above the Apple Watch.

The flowchart doesn't strictly refer to the Apple Watch, instead it just refers to it as the "golden apple" in uppercase text. The tweet attached asks if users are interested in buying the "#goldenwatch," which indicates that they are indeed referring to the gold Apple Watch. The flowchart then proceeds to ask if the reader is out of their mind. If yes, it asks if the reader has "tons of cash to waste," if yes, it asks again to make sure, and answering yes to that will again reiterate that the reader is "really out of [their] mind." Answering "no" to any of the above points to an ASUS ZenWatch, and suggests it's the "logical" choice.

Of course ASUS fails to mention anything about the cheaper entry level Apple Watch that doesn't carry the giant price tag, so the flowchart is fairly misleading. Nevertheless, expect to see similar advertisements from other smart watch manufacturers as time goes on.

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