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SkyFire makes $1m after one week on App Store


After just one week on Apple’s App store, SkyFire, the smartphone browser, has been able to turn over $1million.  

Gaining popularity for its flash support, the company announced they had well over 300,000 downloads, with each download costing $2.99. Unfortunately for SkyFire, Apple will be taking a nice 30% chunk out of their revenue, meaning SkyFire won’t get their pretty number of $1,000,000. Often criticized for an inability to make money from the idea, SkyFire seems to have gone against the critics with such a good week.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t long after SkyFire was put on the store until it was taken down because of complications. Not because Apple revoked approval, but because so many people were trying to access the server which led to the server crashing. After the incident, it was back up, but since video quality of all flash videos went out of the window it may have hurt SkyFire’s reputation for many people.

Now Apple has witnessed what the people want. Will they follow through with their mobile Safari for iPhone or will they continue to not support flash? Is Apple’s hatred for flash blocking their vision for what their users really want or will they suddenly change their mind? We’ll soon see how Apple responds to this, if they decide to. Will you see flash on your iPhone soon? Don’t bet on it.

You can learn more about SkyFire on Android and iPhone here.

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