Skype launches beta of video messaging service, forgets who owns the company

It's been a badly kept secret for some time but today, people who use Skype on their Mac, iOS and Android products will be able to participate in a beta test of the VoIP service's upcoming video messaging feature.

CNET reports that the beta test is limited at the moment to U.S. and U.K. Skype users. When those users accept the beta agreement, they will be able to create videos that can then be sent to other Skype customers who view the pre-recorded clips in their inbox.

Windows users will also be able to access this video messaging service, but unlike the other three platforms, they will only get a link to the final video recording, rather than viewing the video itself. The beta should help Skype and its parent company Microsoft find and fix some last minute bugs before the video messaging service is released as a general Skype update.

According to Skype's own terms of use document, people who sign up to use the paid Skype Premium service will get free unlimited access to both send and receive video messages. Free users will only be able to send a limited number of video messages, but they can receive as many video message clips as they want.

Source: CNET | Image via Microsoft

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