Smash and Grab at California Apple Store leads to arrests

The things some people do for an iDevice has surely reached multi facepalm and slaps to the forehead levels as evidenced in the video below.

A surveillance video of a Los Angeles man who was later charged with driving his 2003 BMW X5 into an Apple retail store in Temecula, Calif., for a quick smash and grab has been released by the Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday. You've got to see it to believe it.

The four man raid caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage (including damage to the SUV) for what seemed like only a few Apple gadgets. One of the passengers, who exits the vehicle is seen hurriedly gathering up a few iPads and maybe iPhones before making his exit from the store, leaving the driver to attempt his own exit which doesn't go quite as well.

The only named suspect, Equonne R. Howard, 22, is being held on $600,000 bail which is subsequently the estimated cost of damages to the store; names of the other three suspects haven't been released. 

The poor Apple Store has been boarded up and closed.

Source: CNN

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