SNES Classic Edition inventory looking healthy

It was only in June when Nintendo made a surprise announcement about the upcoming release of its retro console, the SNES Classic Edition. At the end of this week on September 29, the unit will finally go on sale at retailers across the United States and the world, and it looks like the firm is being true to its word by offering more inventory of the product.

Last year's release of the NES Classic Edition release was a debacle, to say the least, with Nintendo failing to produce the numbers necessary to keep customers happy. Furthermore, it would discontinue the product after being on the market for only five months, leaving many disappointed.

If you were not one of the lucky ones who were able to pre-order the console, it looks like you might have an easier time acquiring one when you head to the store on September 29. While the stock numbers aren't indicative of all stores of that particular retailer, it does give a good idea of just how many are being shipped, which is quite a bit more compared to the NES Classic Edition.

Numbers will, of course, vary depending on your store. Stores local to the Los Angeles area seem to be getting deliveries that are in the hundreds. That's right, hundreds. If you are not able to grab one on its first day, don't fret, as Nintendo has promised to continue production of the unit into 2018. Although the numbers look good, it will still probably be a good idea to hit the stores early, as there will most likely be a queue.

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Source: Wario64 1 and 2 (Twitter)

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