Some Apple workers planning walkout on Christmas Eve and ask customers to support cause

Multiple corporate and retail workers who work for and with Apple have announced on social media platforms that they are planning a walkout. Their intention is to draw the attention of the iPhone maker as well as consumers.

Apple Together, a group of laborers who work in Apple’s multiple channels such as retail outlets, AppleCare, and corporate offices, have organized a walkout on Friday, December 24, to demand better working conditions. The group claims it represents "Apple workers in retail corporate, and AppleCare uniting to change [the company]".

A recently deployed website belonging to Apple Together hints at some of the issues Apple employees allegedly face. The website reads:

“Apple prides itself on its commitment to diversity, equity, and an environment where everyone can do their best work. But Apple has fallen short of this goal for so many of our current and former teammates, so we made space to share those stories with #AppleToo.”

This group has been trying to rally social media and internet users with #AppleToo. Apple Together claims it wants to highlight the grievances of Apple employees that range from poor workplace conditions, harassment, to cases of sexism. Earlier this year, the group had reportedly collected around 500 stories of harassment and other workplace issues.

There’s no formal count, and hence, it is not clear how many of the Apple Together members will be present in front of Apple Stores. However, this time, the group has also urged consumers to, “avoid shopping in stores or online in an effort to demand that Apple upholds it image.”


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