Some HTC handsets will miss Windows Phone 7 launch date

HTC, one of the largest and most respected handset manufacturers, is facing delays with some of its Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices. According to our own insider, he can confirm that "some HTC handsets won't meet tomorrow's launch date." While our insider did not say which handsets were specifically delayed, it comes as a potential painful blow to Microsoft's WP7 launch.

ZDNet broke news that HTC devices faced a delay after a Taiwanese news site reported that HTC discovered a manufacturing problem and was working to resolve the issue. HTC is expected to launch several devices with WP7 and is a key player in Microsoft's strategy. HTC's official line is that there is no delay to the launch.

HTC is expected to launch several handsets including the HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Surround, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC 7 Pro and the HTC HD7, all of which Neowin recently got its hands on at the London WP7 launch event

A Neowin reader, Mattytommo, has also tipped us that he recieved an email saying that his HTC Mozart has been delayed. According to an email sent to him by Phones4U where he placed a pre-order for the device, the website states "We are sorry that your order will be slightly delayed and we are doing our best to ensure that the delay is minimal. Once your goods are ready for despatch, we will email you with confirmation of the delivery date."

The exact length of the delay could only be a day or potentially a week, but at this point, it's pure speculation as to how long the delay will be and what handsets will be affected. As Microsoft prepares to launch a key part of its future business, hopefully HTC won't create a shortage of devices available to consumers.

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