Somewhat happy: Mozilla wants Microsoft to make default browser switching easier

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We recently reported that Microsoft is finally making it easier to switch default browsers in Windows 11, making it a single-click process... kind of. Essentially, the company will allow you to set a default browser for some extensions with a single click, but for others such as PDF, SHTML, SVG, FTP, and other web-related files, associations still have to be set manually.

A Mozilla spokesperson has now reached out to Neowin and provided its take on the matter:

Microsoft’s changes that improve the default browser setting experience for users are a step in the right direction. But more can be done to respect default browser choice on Windows. People should have the ability to simply and easily set defaults and all operating systems should offer official developer support for default status. In practice, we’d like to also see progress on reducing the number of steps required to set a new browser as default, and on opening and making APIs available for apps to set default that other Microsoft applications use.

As can be seen above, Mozilla is somewhat pleased with the changes that Microsoft has introduced in Windows 11 but has made it clear that it wants more to be done. In essence, the firm wants a one-stop solution where a simplified process can set a browser as the default for all use-cases. This is not the case in the current implementation.

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft responds to this feedback in upcoming builds and makes it more easy to switch default browsers in Windows 11.

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