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Sony discontinues most PlayStation 4 models to make room for PlayStation 5

Sony has put an end to the production of most PlayStation 4 models, according to a report from Japanese website Game Watch. The company has ended production of all models of the PlayStation 4 Pro, the high-end refresh of the console, as well as most models of the PlayStation 4 "Slim", which has been the base unit of the console since 2016.

Looking at the company's Japanese website, only the 500GB PlayStation 4 in Jet Black is now available to buy, with the PlayStation 4 Pro removed from the purchase page altogether. Over in the United States, while the Pro model still shows up, only the base model shows the option to buy (though it's currently out of stock). Production has also seemingly ended for any other color variants of the console.

The discontinuation of these models will allow Sony to repurpose the production lines to make more PlayStation 5 units, as the console has fallen victim to stock shortages. It also makes sense to get rid of the more expensive PlayStation 4 Pro, which officially cost the same as a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and is significantly less capable.

In fact, Microsoft did the same thing even before the Xbox Series X and S launched. The company discontinued both Xbox One X and the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, leaving only the most affordable and compatible entry point into the Xbox ecosystem, the Xbox One S.

If you were hoping to nab one of the models that's being discontinued, you may want to do it soon, before stock runs out.

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