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Sony expands Minidisk size

The Inquirer is reporting that later this year a major update to Sony's popular memory format "mini-disk" will be released.

This new version will give up to 40 hrs of capacity,a huge increase on the current minidisk size.

The Inquirer also reports that sony will start selling new Minidisk players later this year, able to play both the new large size minidisks and the old smaller disks (smaller in size). There is currently no news on pricing for the new products.


The news just hit slashdot. A bit more info...

"Sony's has announced it's new new range of Hi-MD players at the CES show. The range of players (which should hit the shops in April) will start below $200 for a device that can function as a USB hard drive as well as storing a claimed 45 hours of music. The twist is that the data is stored on a new type of removable 1Gb media, a development of the minidisk format, with blanks costing about $7 each."

News source: Inq

View: Sony

View: Spec for new MD

View: BBC Article on the New Gear

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