Spotify's big announcement? A Coca-Cola app

Spotify made some news a few days ago when it sent out media invites to attend a press event today in New York City. The company said it had a "special announcement" to make and that got the speculators on the Internet going. Was Spotify finally going to release one of its apps for the iPad? Was it going to announce some new music deals or some improvements in the user interface for its service?

As it turns out, it was none of the above. As reports, Spotify instead disappointed the media outlets that attended the event today by merely announcing a deal with Coca-Cola that will, among other things, put a Coke app on Spotify.

Yes, the "special announcement" was nothing more than an ad agreement. As's Greg Sandoval comments, "They played the media and users for suckers. By trying to package a run-of-the-mill ad deal as anything more insults both groups."

Indeed, the first question from the assembled press after the Spotify and Coca-Cola reps made their presentation today was, "When are you going to release the iPad app?" Engadget reports that Spotify founder Daniel Ek responded saying simply that it was "in the works" but then moved on, saying that today's event was all about Coca-Cola.

We are not sure who's in charge of Spotify's marketing and PR but whomever it is needs to think seriously about sending out invites to future press conferences. If they are like today's non-news event, no one will come to them.

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