Star Citizen crowd-funding goes past $300 million

The crowd-funded behemoth that is Star Citizen just went past the $300 million mark on its funding live tracker, reaching the impressive new milestone only six months after the in-development game reached $250 million in funding. Currently, over 2.7 million backers have been involved in funding the game.

Considering it took a whole year for the game's funding pool to grow from $200 million to $250 million, the latest $50 million jump has happened quite quickly.

Since the game crossed the previous milestone six months ago, Cloud Imperium Games has injected quite a few new features onto the ambitious space game, mainly through a couple of major content updates, Alpha 3.8.0 and 3.9.0. These brought in the new frozen planet microTech and its moons, weather effects, survival elements, a prison system, new ships, and more.

A new teaser trailer for Star Citizen's star-studded Squadron 42 campaign also came through during this period, this one focusing on the impressive visuals it will showcase.

The ever-evolving Star Citizen roadmap can be found here, where for the upcoming Alpha 3.10 update, the developer is planning to revamp the GrimHEX environment to make it a complete landing zone, among many other changes.

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