Star Wars Battlefront II open beta is now live across all platforms

Following an early access period for players who pre-ordered, Star Wars Battlefront II's open beta is now finally available for everyone. The open beta will run until October 9, 4pm UTC, giving eager players the entire weekend to test out its new features.

The beta brings along four modes, the 20 vs 20 Galactic Assault mode, set in the Naboo: Theed map, as well as Starfighter Assault, a space battle mode where players are tasked with attacking or defending an Imperial Star Destroyer over Fondor.

Next, we get Strike, a team-work based hero-less game mode set on Takodana with only regular classes to choose from, and coming in at the end is Arcade, a player vs. AI mode that can be played in co-op or solo, with even a couch co-op option available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players.

Anyone who participates in the beta will also receive a special 'Founder's Crate' filled with a variety of bonuses such as credits, an emote for Darth Maul, and a rare trooper Star Card, that will carry onto the full game if they purchase it.

The Star Wars Battlefront II open beta can now be downloaded on PC via Origin, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The beta's download sizes hover around 15GB for the console versions, with a hefty 23GB download awaiting PC players on Origin.

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