Starsiege: 2845 Alpha Tech Release!

Wow, this took me by complete surprise! An alpha, and I'm sure buggy, tech demo of Starsiege: 2845 has been released by Clancore Games. Just a quick post here so I'll get this done quick. Starsiege: 2845 was originally going to be produced on the Tribes 3 engine (the Unreal 2 engine) but when that game was quickly dumped by Vivendi and all support stopped, the Starsiege team decided to go back to the roots of the Tribes series - the Torque engine itself.
Now I'm not quite sure how things are going to work here, I've been reading their forums, but it is a bit confusing since some of the news is quite old. Apparently the alpha tech release here is running on the old Torque engine - the same engine Tribes 2 used, though updated quite a bit. Starsiege: 2845 itself will be released on a different engine - though still Torque based, called the Torque Shader Engine (TSE) and looks much better than the Torque Game Engine (TGE) this alpha is based on. Confused yet? Yeah. Enough chit chat. Download, enjoy some Tribes goodness. The alpha (as long as it doesn't kill your pet, and steal your soul) will run on most rigs wonderfully given the older engine, so everyone should have a go. Be prepared though, Starsiege: 2854 is really, really vehicle based, and when I say there are mechs, boy are there mechs. Feel like stepping on someone and squishing them?
Oh yeah, the multiplayer portion of the finished game, will be free.
Link: Starsiege: 2845 Filefront Mirror (The only available download site) - 622 mb
Link: Torque Shader Engine Homepage @ Garage Games
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