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Statcounter: Windows 11 market share falls to 26.72%

Three Windows logos 11 10 and 7

The March 2024 report from Statcounter is now available, giving developers and curious customers the latest insights into various markets and products, such as browsers, operating systems, search engines, and more.

According to Statcounter, February 2024 was not the best month for Windows 11. After reaching its highest point in January, Microsoft's latest operating system dipped quite significantly, going from 28.18% to 26.72% (-1.46 points). Interestingly, the company recently started sending out "invitations to upgrade" to more non-managed devices with Windows 10. So far, those invitations have not helped Windows 11 increase its market share.

Windows 10, on the other hand, reclaimed some of the previously lost audience. As of right now, its market share sits just a little higher than 69%. Statcounter claims Windows 10 increased its market share by 1.81 points. Windows 10 will reach its end of life in October 2025, so expect Microsoft to expedite the rollout of Windows 11 to more eligible devices in the near future.

Despite their "no support" status, Windows 7, 8.1, and 8 still have relatively big market shares. Windows 7 is at 3.04%, Windows 8.1 is at 0.44%, and Windows 8 is at 0.29%. Even Windows XP has a large enough audience with access to the internet (even though mainstream browsers dropped Windows XP years ago) to register on Statcounter's gauges—0.39%.

Here is the breakdown of the Windows market as of March 2024 by Statcounter:

  1. Windows 10: 69.04% (+1.81 points)
  2. Windows 11: 26.72% (-1.46 points)
  3. Windows 7: 3.04% (-0.06 points)
  4. Windows 8.1: 0.44% (-0.22 points)
  5. Windows XP: 0.39% (-0.13 points)
A chart showing market shares of different Windows versions

You can find more information on the official Statcounter website.

Disclaimer: Statcounter reports are not 100% accurate. Click here to learn how the company gathers data. Microsoft does not provide official stats and Windows version breakdowns, so users and developers have to rely on third-party analytics services.

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