Microsoft Surface spotted in the wild

Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky (or someone who resembles him, we cannot confirm it is actually Sinofsky) was spotted recently testing the Microsoft Surface in a restaurant. It is unclear if it was the Windows RT Surface or the Surface Pro. It is said that he was not willing to comment on the product and we have no other information to go on at this time. 

The Microsoft Surface RT is expected to hit retail shelves the same time as Windows 8 GA, which is October 26th. Seeing as that timeframe is not that far off and that advertisements for the product are already hitting the streets (literally), the Surface will be here before we know it. 

You can clearly see in the picture the kickstand that is affixed to the back of the Surface and the blue cover that also acts as a keyboard in the image. Also, it appears that Modern UI IE10 app is open as you can see what looks like the search/url bar at the bottom of the image.

While the picture might not be brand new, even though the date on the photo shows it was uploaded 7 minutes ago (but it does appear to be 30 days old), it is still one of the few shots where we have seen the Surface outside of Microsoft's corporate offices.

Take it for what you want, it's still a picture of the Surface, in action, which is about the most we have seen of the tablet since it was unveiled back in June. 

Source: Facebook

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