Stratfor offers ID protection to Anonymous attack victims

Victims of the recent cyber attack on the servers of the security think tank Stratfor are going to be given some free protection against the threat of identity theft. reports that in an email sent to Stratfor customers on Wednesday, the company said it would offer free identity protection services to those customers who had their credit card numbers exposed by the cyber attack.

Over 50,000 credit card numbers were taken from Stratfor's servers as a result of the attack, which was conducted by members of the Anonymous hacker group. However the vast majority of those numbers had expired. For the customers who were unlucky to have unexpired numbers, Stratfor said that it would offer ID protection for a year via CSID.

Stratfor's own web site has been down since the incident and in the email the company said that it will remain down for a little while longer as it continues its own investigation into the Anonymous attack. The statement said, "We expect this to take approximately a week, but it might take longer."

One of Anonymous' spokespersons claimed that the company's servers were attacked to get to a large number of emails. The spokesperson said it did not expect to obtain access to any credit card numbers as a result of its actions.

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