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Surface 2 with LTE coming March 18 for $679

We knew it was coming, and Microsoft has finally pulled back the covers on its Surface 2 tablet with LTE. The device will work with AT&T’s 4G LTE network and come with 64GB of storage, retailing for $679.

Bringing LTE to the Surface 2 makes quite a bit of sense. The tablet is designed to be a mobile device, and by adding built-in LTE support, it brings seamless connectivity for the device and as we all know, LTE offers broadband speeds, wirelessly. For now, LTE is only an option on the Surface 2 model, with the Surface Pro 2 still requiring a dongle or tethering. By putting LTE on the Surface 2 and not the Surface Pro 2, it shows Microsoft is committed to the Windows RT platform and the Surface line.

While we wouldn’t expect the addition of LTE to move millions more Surface 2 units upfront, the additional option increases the market for the device. Knowing this, any feature set expansion for the Surface line will always be welcomed by consumers, who now have another option to choose to fill their tablet needs.

The device will only come in the 64GB flavor, which may turn off some who would like a 32GB model at a cheaper price. But at $679, the device does handily beat the iPad in terms of value. The iPad Air with LTE and 64GB costs $829, and to get an iPad Air at a similar price with LTE, consumers have to opt for the 16GB that costs $629 or the 32GB that costs $729.

From a pricing perspective, the Surface 2 with LTE offers a great value and should help sway consumers and potentially corporations who were looking at the iPad Air. Seeing that the Surface 2 also comes with Office, Microsoft has built a serious value proposition with the Surface 2 LTE.

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