Symantec To Acquire WholeSecurity

Symantec announced yesterday that the company plans to accquire WholeSecurity.

WholeSecurity provides anti-phishing technology to identify processes running on websites and on workstations. Many corporate's use the technology to prevent users from logging in remotely via RAS and to ensure their users computers are fully up to date.

WholeSecurity currently provides services to eBay, Deutsche Bank and Visa. It's expected that with the recent buy out, WholeSecurity technologies may be implemented in many big online stores soon.

Behavior-based security technology identifies online threats such as worms, viruses, Trojan horses, keystroke loggers, and phishing sites by their actions and characteristics. WholeSecurity's Confidence Online analyzes the behavior exhibited by these threats against hundreds of detection modules to determine whether the active processes or web sites are safe or malicious. This technology can immediately detect and mitigate unknown threats by their behavior without traditional signatures or patches thereby protecting users against zero-day attacks.

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