TechEd 2013: Keynote liveblog

Microsoft kicks off the TechEd North America 2013 conference with the opening keynote, presented by Brad Anderson, at 8:30am CT, and we'll be live blogging the announcements for everyone.

Until then, we are being entertained by a popular New Orleans Jazz band (whose name we missed). They sound really good (and much better than the piped in sugary sweet pop version of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" that was playing earlier!

Stay tuned for further updates!

Neowin Live - This event has concluded

09:17 Christopher White Welcome to this live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
09:22 Christopher White The live music is really good - and a nice touch, better than a DJ or piped in overhead music.
09:28 Christopher White WiFi and 4G are both spotty... We hope we can provide the liveblog once everyone gets here. :(
09:31 Christopher White The event is starting with a short video of Brad Anderson and other MS employees -- in a Mission Impossible style movie setting.
09:34 Christopher White A spy is thwarted by Microsoft technology. Brad: "Keep it, you'll never crack it." and he takes his sunglasses from the spy and switches back into his polo shirt. NIcely done. lol
09:36 Christopher White Brad Anderson: Corporate VP - @InTheCloudMSFT
09:36 Christopher White Roadmap for the keynote: Devices, then services to light up the devices, then innovations in Azure/Visual Studio that helps developers.
09:36 Christopher White Then SQL work - to unlock insights in data.
09:37 Christopher White And finally, the cloud platform itself - public, private, and hybrid cloud.
09:38 Christopher White Iain McDonald Partner Director of Program Management, - Windows Core group
09:39 Christopher White A few Xbox One mentions - although I doubt we'll hear much about it.
09:40 Christopher White Over 70,000 apps in the app store.
09:40 Christopher White Windows 8 sales numbers will be announced later.
09:40 Christopher White Bringing up a bunch of tablets and monitors on the stage now.
09:42 Christopher White Video of various companies talking up Windows 8.
09:43 Christopher White "There's people who don't like what we've taken out of Windows, and now people mad that we're putting things back in." -> I wonder what he's talking about
09:43 Christopher White Windows 8.1 will be available June 26th!
09:44 Christopher White Preview only -- full version later this year.
09:46 Christopher White Showing a demo of setting a layout for a user via a policy.
09:46 Christopher White Using group policy.
09:50 Christopher White Using ScreenBeam Wireless Display to show the display. Interesting tech, haven't seen it before.
09:51 Christopher White Showing a wifi enabled printer on stage.
09:51 Christopher White Has a passive NFC tag on it, touched his Surface to it, and add device will apparently come up soon... Maybe... Gotta love live demos ;)
09:52 Christopher White Trying to tag it again and it worked. He went into the Win8 mail app, and in 8.1 shows that you can open two docs side by side.
09:52 Christopher White Selected the boarding pass, selected "print" and it's going to print on the printer... Again, maybe. :D
09:53 Christopher White Demo - fail. He'll come back to it, it'll eventually work, right :D
09:54 Christopher White America has cheap WiFi compared to the rest of the world? Interesting.
09:54 Christopher White Windows 8.1 allows developers to build VPN directly into the app.
09:56 Christopher White Windows 8 improves security - modern access control, malware resistance, secure corporate data - Trustworthy hardware.
09:57 Christopher White He won't promise hack-proof computer - good! - but is talking about switching from defense to offense. Security is important and must be added into your view of the world.
09:57 Christopher White Showing some new hardware now. First up - the Panasonic Magic Board. 20" LCD display tablet.
09:57 Christopher White 15:10 aspect ratio
09:58 Christopher White Held up the tablet, Balmer's face was on it, and he said, "Windows windows windows!" Then said he needs to get a new job because he won't be around lol
09:58 Christopher White Showing an ultrabook with a 2560x1440 display and smudgeproof.
09:59 Christopher White Lenovo laptop with a hinge called "rip and flip," with TPM chip, and an i5 processor.
09:59 Christopher White Acer Icona w3 -- 8.1" tablet with home/student version of Office. Atom processor. Looks tiny. Full sized keyboard dock.
09:59 Christopher White Interesting that Microsoft is focusing on their OEM partners over their own Surface tablet.
10:03 Christopher White Brad Anderson back. Focusing on end user experience.
10:03 Christopher White Unifying the environment - your data follows your PC. He made himself a hero to his kids by not having to mail them docs when at a friend's house.
10:03 Christopher White Everything starts with the identity.
10:04 Christopher White WIndows Azure Active Directory
10:04 Christopher White 265 billion authentications in Azure Active Directory. More than 9000 requests per SECOND with Azure AD. 420,000 unique domains inside Azure.
10:05 Christopher White Cloud optimized AD.
10:05 Christopher White Have now built SCCM into Windows Intune. Lets you manage the devices where they live. As long as the device has access to the Internet (what doesn't?), you can now manage the devices from the internet.
10:06 Christopher White They talked about this a bit at MMS. Over 35,000 unique tenants using Intune for SCCM so far. Single pane of glass.
10:06 Christopher White Aston Martin has 41 countries, and many dealerships. How do you let users use their own PCs and devices?
10:07 Christopher White Windows Server 2012 R2, System CEnter 2012 R2, and Windows Intune announced (as we reported earlier today)
10:09 Christopher White Molly Brown,, Principal Development lead on stage to give a demo.
10:09 Christopher White You can tell she's not as good a speaker as Brad. Still better than I'd be tho ;)
10:11 Christopher White Registering the device with a service, typed in her corporate password, and it's now asking for phone factor authentication.
10:12 Christopher White Simply press the pound key when the phone call comes in, and it automatically joined her to the workplace.
10:12 Christopher White This demo went far better than the printer. :D
10:12 Christopher White She's now able to access the secured Sharepoint site.
10:13 Christopher White She can now go back to the workplace setting and turns on remote management -- allowing IT to push down applications and policies via Intune.
10:14 Christopher White This demo isn't going quite as well. WiFi not great in the conference hall. Typical.
10:14 Christopher White Basically it's a way for IT to manage BYOD -- if it works, that'll be awesome.
10:17 Christopher White HOw do you remove all of the work stuff from the device when a user leaves or you want to give it to your kids?
10:17 Christopher White Go to the "Workplace" section and unjoin the workgroup and turn off remote management.
10:17 Christopher White All personal apps and data remain, corporate data disappears.
10:17 Christopher White Very nice.
10:19 Christopher White R2 releases: Empower people-centric IT, unify your environment, and protect your data.
10:20 Christopher White Next up: Enable modern business applications.
10:20 Christopher White Rapid lifecycle, multi-device, any data, any size, and secure and available.
10:22 Christopher White Microsoft has datacenters in mainland China now.
10:22 Christopher White Why is this important? Gives your employees in China direct access, as well as giving you the ability to offer China local currency, etc.
10:23 Christopher White Bert Craven, Enterprise Architect from easyJet. 4th largest airline in Europe, top 10 in the world. 60M passengers a year.
10:25 Christopher White easyJet apparently didn't have assigned seating. They needed to add that, so created a seating solution in Azure and blend the reservation and seating experience together.
10:26 Christopher White Seamless combination of the reservation system and the seating system.
10:27 Christopher White Showing a seating management portal on Azure. Admin can simply slide a slider across and it gives more power in Azure.
10:27 Christopher White Scott Guthrie, Coroproate VP of Azure on the stage.
10:30 Christopher White Azure change: No longer charge for stopped VMs running in Azure. Big applause!
10:31 Christopher White Starting today, you stop a VM, you no longer get billed. Before you had to delete it.
10:31 Christopher White New rate for MSDN subscribers.\
10:32 Christopher White Credits: MSDN Professional - $50 credits/month, Premium=$100/month, Ultimate=$150/month
10:34 Christopher White Each developer on your team who has a license can get these rates and credits.
10:36 Christopher White Want to win an Aston Martin? Check out for details
10:36 Christopher White Brian Harry, technical fellow, Application Lifecycle Management
10:37 Christopher White Visual Studio 2013 and Team FOundations Server 2013 shipping later this year. June 26th is the public preview at BUILD.
10:37 Christopher White Continuous improvement without barriers -- getting developers from ideas to implementation to customers to feedback, back to idea.
10:40 Christopher White Visual Studio 2012 added Agile development. 2013 expands upon that.
10:40 Christopher White Visual Studio 2012 added Agile development. 2013 expands upon that.
10:41 Christopher White Demonstrating interesting Visual Studio features for agile development - including showing history of who did what when, a change indicator to identiy the last person who changed the code, and more. Interesting.
10:43 Christopher White Visual Studio 2013 has a new "cloud based load test service" - write your load test the way you always have, then in settings you can use "VS Team Foundation service"
10:43 Christopher White Automatically uploads your test to the cloud and runs it.
10:43 Christopher White Graph shows load, response time, etc, over time. Nice.
10:47 Christopher White Collaboration between developers was the key. Very cool.
10:47 Christopher White In 5 years, we'll have 10x the amount of data we have right now. Ouch.
10:48 Christopher White Unlock insights from any data - give easy access, powerful analytics, and complete data platform.
10:48 Christopher White Quentin Clark, Coporate VP, SQL Server
10:50 Christopher White "Data Changes Everything"
10:51 Christopher White Companies that embrace the data fundamentally change their business.
10:51 Christopher White Find, combine, and manage -> From theories, analyze and refine -> Take action and operationalize. "From data to insight"
10:57 Christopher White Eron Kelly, GM of SQL Server
11:00 Christopher White Geoflow in Excel looks amazing. Showing map of where everyone at TechEd is from.
11:01 Christopher White Found someone with the "Chief Geek" title - gave them a prize pack.
11:03 Christopher White What about non structured data? Data Explorer in Excel lets you connect to all sorst of sources like Azure marketplace.
11:05 Christopher White Keeps tracks of steps so that it can be repeated as well -- nice demo!
11:05 Christopher White GeoFlow back - showing the dimension in time.
11:06 Christopher White Showing a globe and as tweets come up, data comes up on the picture.
11:07 Christopher White All of a sudden, NOLA lit up like a Christmas tree. Why?!?!? Zoomed in and all of the tweets were coming from the convention center - cool - but scary at the same time....
11:09 Christopher White Transforming the datacenter.
11:10 Christopher White Cloud innovation, dynamic application delivery - datacenter without boundaries (ie: Hybrid Cloud)
11:10 Christopher White Trek Bicycle corporation
11:12 Christopher White Azure is just Hyper-V VMs.
11:13 Christopher White Announcements: Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, preview on June 26th.
11:13 Christopher White Consistency across clouds is super important!
11:14 Christopher White Doesn't that mean most people won't go with Azure tho...?
11:14 Christopher White I think Brad is saying this is a good reason to switch to Hyper-V.
11:14 Christopher White Announcement: WIndows Azure Pack for Windows Server
11:16 Christopher White Contoso Cloud demo.
11:22 Christopher White Everything runs on commodity direct attached storage at MS.
11:22 Christopher White Another mention of Software Defined networking.
11:24 Christopher White Showing a demo on tiered storage - SSD for data that needs fast access, slow disk for that which doesn't. Coming to Windows Server 2012 R2
11:24 Christopher White Just a few clicks and he was done.
11:26 Christopher White Dedupe storage is an option now as well, and it provides even better performance.
11:27 Christopher White Next up: Live migration
11:27 Christopher White First hypervisor to ship with share nothing live migration.
11:28 Christopher White Live Migration with compression is VERY fast.
11:29 Christopher White I'm being filmed .... Probably for Channel 9. Anyone see me? :D
11:30 Christopher White Hyper-V recovery manager - runs on Azure - and runs site to site (Azure manages/orchestrates, does NOT store the data!).
11:33 Christopher White Demo Day - where MS shows what they've been working on in 3 minute chunks. Interesting idea.
11:35 Christopher White Microsoft Windows - the Cloud OS. Think Google disagrees?
11:37 Christopher White Aston Martin makes really nice looking cars.
11:40 Christopher White And that wraps up the keynote. Thanks for reading, and if you have questions or anything you want us to dig into while we're here, let us know and we'll try to get them answered for you! Thanks!
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