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Telegram introduces visual refresh for Android, adds archived chats, and more

The privacy-oriented Telegram Messenger is getting a series of improvements today, as the team behind it often tends to deliver an array of new features all at once. Among today's arrivals are a new visual refresh for the Telegram app on Android, which slightly tweaks the app icon and almost every menu in the app.

This includes a new menu for message actions when you tap on a message, and it pops up next to the message you tap. If you select multiple messages, a forward button is placed in the bottom right corner, making it easier to reach than the previous placement at the top of the screen. There's also a new streamlined share sheet for public messages, which can now be pulled up to take the entire screen and let you select more of your contacts. It's easier to share sticker packs now, too.

The new design also includes a two-line view for the chat list, meaning each conversation will show two lines of content instead of one. This new look is optional and disabled by default, but it can be useful for more at-a-glance information. Additionally, bulk actions for conversation in the chats list can now be performed on Android as well.

The iOS app also has some improvements, specifically in terms of security. It's now possible to set a six-digit numeric passcode for the app in addition to the previous four-digit option and the alphanumeric passwords.

As for cross-platform news, the app now provides the ability to archive chats by swiping left on them in the chats list. The archive is shown at the top of the conversation list, but can also be hidden by swiping left. You can then bring it up at any time by pulling down from the chats list. The archive also allows you to reorganize your messages in whatever order you prefer.

You can also now pin an unlimited number of chats and reorganize them at will so they'll always be in the order you want, regardless of when you last received a message.

When you forward a message, if you select the wrong chat, you can now go back and choose a different one by tapping on the forward messages, above the text input box. It's also now possible to copy links to individual messages in private groups and channels in the same way you could do so for public messages. Lastly, there's now an online indicator that's shown next to the profile pictures of your contacts when they're online, making it easier to know who's available at a glance.

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