The Beatles are coming to an iTunes store near you, finally

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that music from the Beatles will be coming to the iTunes store very soon – with an announcement due tomorrow. This will be the first time that The Beatles popular music has been available in iTunes, which is now over seven years old. The report even goes as far to suggest that a Beatles branded iPod, iPhone or iPad may be on the cards to celebrate this occasion.

Coming as good news to many, this achievement was likely due to a lot of blood and sweat behind the scenes. Many will remember that The Beatles sued Apple in 2006 over using the trademark ‘Apple’ in relation to a music store (contrary to an agreement they made some 25 years ealier), a case that they lost because iTunes wasn’t seen by the courts as a music store, but instead as a delivery system for data.

The WSJ is expecting that the music will be an iTunes exclusive for a period of time, before becoming available in other online music stores.

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