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The free Epic Games Store game this week is the side-scrolling fantasy RPG Grime

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As usual, the Epic Games Store is letting users download and keep a new game for free for the next week. This time it's the unusual side-scrolling action-RPG Grime that's been picked for this offer.


Developed by Clover Bite, and published by Akupara Games, the Grime normally costs $24.99 but is free to download and keep for the next week. The offer expires at 11 am on Thursday, July 13.

Your player character has a black hole for a head and uses mutated living weapons to kill some very strange enemies. Reviews have described it as a Soulslike side-scroller so be prepared to take on a very challenging game.

Here's a quick look at the features of Grime:

  • Eye-Popping Surrealism - Uncover mysterious secrets in weeping caves and face-covered deserts. Meet otherworldly characters in distinct civilizations across an organic, interconnected world - all rendered in unearthly 3D. Face foes born of the world itself, and swallow them whole.
  • Death-Defying Combat - Punish enemies by parrying their attacks, smash them from the ground or even airborne, and absorb them to grow your strength as you wage war on a living world.
  • Living Weapons - Seamlessly swap weapons made of living creatures that mutate form during combat, from clawing swords to centipede whips.
  • Unique Skill Progression - Hunt down and absorb challenging monsters to improve your skills.
  • Challenge Menacing Bosses -Defeat creatures dozens of times your size. Withstand their assault, and consume them to gain game-changing abilities that affect both combat and traversal.
  • Colors of Rot - Discover new abilities, new weapons, and new enemies. Explore Childbed and discover the horrifying mysteries that lie within.
  • • New Game Plus - Old foes challenge you in new ways. Surpass your limits and upgrade weapons and traits with infinite progression. Find and fight a formidable secret boss.

Again you have until July 13 to get this game for free from the Epic Games Store.

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