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The latest Epic Games Store free game is the management-puzzle title Train Valley 2

Train Valley 2

As usual, the Epic Games Store is giving away a game from its growing library for free for the next week. This week, the free game is Train Valley 2, the "railroad tycoon" style management game, with some puzzle elements. The game will be free to download and keep from the Epic Games Store until 11 am Eastern time on July 20.

Developed by Flazm, the game is a sequel to the original Train Valley. It offers gamers a way to build their own railroad empire. Here's some more info on Train Valley 2.

Take your railroad company from the days of the Industrial Revolution and into the future, meeting the needs of the valley's cities and industries. Build railroads, upgrade your locomotives, and keep everything on schedule without delays or accidents.

  • A Unique blend of Micromanagement, Tycoon and Puzzle games, putting you in control of your own company - that needs to help its local community thrive.
  • Level Editor - Check out 2500+ levels already generated by players or try to create your own and get a high score there yourself.
  • A new look - With unique visuals, based on a minimalistic low-poly aesthetic, Train Valley 2 is a joy to look at and immerse yourself in.
  • Company Mode is a new mode in Train Valley 2, spanning 50 levels!
  • A huge selection of Trains - 18 models of locomotives to unlock and more than 45 types of the train car - it’s up to you to keep things as efficient and cost-effective as possible, while the world around you gets more demanding!

If you like the game, there are also a number of DLC packs for Train Valley 2. One of them is actually launching today. It's called The Pandeia Project, and it was made by one of the game's community members in cooperation with Flazm.

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