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The latest Opera GX feature makes it the most morbid browser around

Fake My History on Opera GX

Opera GX has just snatched the crown for the most morbid browser that you can download thanks to its latest feature. It has been given ‘Fake My History’ which replaces your browsing history after your death or after two weeks of inactivity so nobody finds any questionable browser searches.

The new feature doesn’t just clear your browsing history, which could be viewed suspiciously in and of itself. Instead, it populates your history with fictional history entries that are ‘surprisingly pleasant’, according to the company.

"In life, there are no saves, respawns or checkpoints - anything can happen. When it does, what will you be remembered for? The Lara Croft body pillow you ordered online? With 'Fake My History,' we're wiping the slate clean and replacing your scandalous digital shenanigans with a totally fake version of your browsing past," said Maciej Kocemba, Product Director, Opera GX.

Some of the things that the history faker will populate your browsing history with include:

  • Local volunteer opportunities
  • Free online courses for personal growth
  • How to encourage voting in my community
  • How to build a birdhouse

If you enable ‘Fake My History’ the browser history will be repopulated with sanitized entries after 14 consecutive days of inactivity. If you want to use the feature immediately, there is an option to ‘Pretend I’m Already Dead’ and the repopulation of your history will be done straight away.

It’s an interesting feature, even if it's a bit morbid. It does shine a light on an interesting aspect of technology that people don’t think about a lot: what happens to all my data when I die?

Popular online services like Facebook and Google have options about what should happen to your account after you die but many services do not. Perhaps other software developers should integrate more features into their products to account for this inevitability.

What do you think? Will you be using this feature or do you think it’s unnecessary?

Source: Opera

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