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The Light Phone: no texting, no emails, no clutter, the size of a credit card

Arguably the world's most basic phone, The Light Phone, will be available in the US for shipping by the end of May.

The phone started out on Kickstarter in 2015, and backers of the project have been receiving their handsets since January of this year. Non-backers can expect to pay $150 for the phone itself, and $5 a month for service. The phone is indeed very basic, but doesn't require you to get a new number, as the phone receives forwarded calls from your normal smartphone via an app on your normal device.

To clarify, Light, the company behind the phone should not be confused with Light the makers of the recently released 52MP, 16 lens camera.

The Light Phone can make and receive calls, store nine numbers, tell you the time, and according to the manufacturers, can stay on standby for three days. That's it. No texting, no emails, no applications, no camera, no music, and no clutter. While generally other smartphone makers are going bezel-less or hinting at the dawn of a Surface Phone, the Light Phone is a push in the other direction.

It is the size of a credit card, comes in black or white, and is designed to offer the ability to still be reachable, but not be tempted to lose yourself in the world of your smartphone. Indeed this phone might also be useful for those instances when you want to avoid losing or cracking your very expensive smartphone.

Sources: The Light Phone via The Verge | Image: Light

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