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The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion announced for Windows and macOS

A brand new Sims 4 expansion was announced at EA's gamescom presentation today, finally bringing the highly requested four legged companions into the game. The aptly titled 'Cats & Dogs' expansion pack will allow players to design their own pets to include into their Sims worlds.

Pet creation works similar to how players create and modify Sims in the game, where they can edit almost every aspect of a cat or dog, down to the breed and even patterns on their fur. Further animal customization options include outfits and accessories, which could be for the players that want to add a little more style to their pets and have them stand out from other animals that roam the neighborhood.

Animals will also have unique personality traits that players can discover by having their Sims interact with the creatures in question.

In addition to the cats and dogs, the expansion introduces a new veterinarian business for Sims to follow as a career, where they can build their own clinic to diagnose and cure various illnesses that may befall an animal.

Finishing off, the expansion brings a new coastal location, Brindleton Bay, featuring harbor, lighthouse, and park areas for Sims and their pets to explore. There will be plenty of stray cats and dogs wandering around this area as well, with the option for players' Sims to adopt them.

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack is heading for Windows and macOS on November 10. EA did not say if this expansion will also arrive for the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions of The Sims 4, which are set to land on November 17.

Source: EA

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