The Walking Dead Windows 8 TV ad storyline to finally conclude Sunday

Several days before Windows 8 officially launched in late October, Microsoft ran one of the first commercials for the OS during the season three premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC. If you watched the popular zombie show, you also saw the ad where a man was using a Windows 8 tablet to text chat with a woman.

The ad had the man agreeing to show up at the woman's house to watch The Walking Dead. The add then turned a dark corner as the woman's message they said she could not wait to eat him. After that rather scary IM, zombies seemed to be coming into the man's house.

Thankfully, that part turned out to be a dream. However, we never got to actually see the woman chatting with the man in this add. Now it looks like we shall find out who is on the other end of that Windows 8 chat exchange.

Microsoft has uploaded a new video to its Windows YouTube channel that repeats most of that previous Windows 8 TV commercial. The revised ad then teases us with the news that we will actually get to see the end of this Windows 8-inspired storyline in a new commercial that will air during the season finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday night.

Source: Windows on YouTube

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