The X-ONE H1 is a smartwatch that offers Morse code transcription of texts

Smartwatches haven't quite taken off as companies would have hoped. Despite this, there are hundreds of different options on the market today from technology companies and also fashion brands. If you're looking to purchase something special, you might want to check out the X-ONE H1, a smartwatch that has a mechanical movement but also offers a connected experience.

The watch is Swiss-made and is produced using materials like steel and sapphire. While the watch packs mechanical movement, it also houses a motherboard, allowing it to deliver notifications to the user. Beyond being able to alert the wearer to call and text notifications, the watch will also be able to control music, act as a pedometer, and more. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the watch is that it "flashes content of incoming messages with Morse Code transcription on the linear display".

At the time of this writing, the project has been funded, exceeding its initial goal of $35,000. Like all Kickstarter projects, backing the product doesn't necessarily guarantee delivery of goods so you should proceed with caution. If interested, you can head to the source below, where pledges for the watch start at $750.

Source: Kickstarter

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