The Xbox Adaptive Controller can be used on the Nintendo Switch

It was a few months ago that Microsoft announced its Adaptive Controller for the Xbox One. Although the company has not set up official support for other consoles, it looks like the controller can be used with Nintendo's Switch.

YouTuber My Mate VINCE took it upon himself to test out the Adaptive Controller on Nintendo's portable console to see what it would take to get it working. Turns out, there isn't much that needs to be done and very little in terms of hardware. For starters, you'll obviously need Microsoft's Adaptive Controller and something called the MAGIC-NS Wireless Controller Adapter. This latter product isn't all that expensive and can be had from Amazon for around $20 USD.

You will have to head into the Switch's settings menu and make sure that the 'Pro Controller Wired Communication' item is turned on. You'll also have to toggle through settings on the MAGIC-NS adapter to make sure it is configured for use on the Switch. After all of that is done, you just plug in the Adaptive Controller into the Switch using the MAGIC-NS adapter, at which point you'll get an immediate response, with the Xbox logo glowing and buttons fully functioning.

This doesn't mean that everything is perfect mind you and you may have to configure the sensitivity settings of your input devices. You can begin to configure the sensitivity of your accessories by heading into the 'Controller and Sensors' menu on the Switch and adjusting from there. As stated before and in the video, this isn't officially supported, but it could be a good option for some.

Source: My Mate VINCE (YouTube) via The Verge

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