Third party developer details frustrating experience of creating games for Wii U

An anonymous third-party developer, who claims to have produced "one of the better" third-party launch titles for the Wii U, has written a detailed account of the difficulties involved in developing a game for Nintendo's latest console.

While many of the issues can be chalked up to working with pre-launch hardware, some of the problems appear to arise from Nintendo's rather shocking ignorance of the online offerings of its major competitors.

In an attempt to understand how their game's online capabilities might integrate with the Wii U's network infrastructure, the developers "probed a little deeper and asked how certain scenarios might work with the Mii friends and networking, all the time referencing how Xbox Live and PSN achieve the same thing."

Surprisingly, the developers were told that "it was no good referencing Live and PSN as nobody in their development teams used those systems (!)"

Excellent sales may have smoothed over such problems, but the developer said that that they would be "lucky to make back all of the money [they] had invested in making the game in the first place."

Although Nintendo has recently made a point of reaching out to third-party developers, it seems clear that Nintendo is still not yet able to provide the same level of support expected from the likes of Microsoft and Sony. If things don't improve quickly, we can likely expect to see more stories detailing the poor sales of Nintendo's latest system.

Source: EurogamerImage via Nintendo

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