This iPhone concept may be the most realistic yet


We see concepts of future gadgets every day, some of which are exciting, while others are just ridiculous. It's a breath of fresh air to see one that is realistic so this 'iPhone Air' concept is pretty exciting.

The design by Sam Beckett rests upon the same principles that Apple's existing devices use, such as flat metal sides that act as the antennae with chamfered metal edges. The concept also boasts sapphire glass, an enhancement which seems likely given Apple's recent investment in the manufacture of the material.

However the 1920x1080 resolution that Beckett gives is unlikely to be included on a real device, as Apple traditionally do their best to maintain aspect ratios in their device upgrades; they are more likely to double the iPhone 5s' resolution, as they did with the iPads with Retina Displays.

An imaginary 10-megapixel camera makes an appearance as well as the existing Touch ID sensor. This comes within a device which, if ever made real, would be 9% thinner than the current generation.

Of course, this continues to be a fantasy, but one that may surprise us with its accuracy when Apple inevitably update their flagship phone later this year. Whether or not it will be called 'iPhone Air', I doubt it, but it's possible.

Source: Sam Beckett

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