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Tile launches its first anti-stalking feature 'Scan and Secure' to alert about trackers

To counter the growing threat of unwarranted tracking, Tile has released an update for its app. The company’s attempt to counter stalking is called “Scan and Secure”, and it gives users the ability to find out if there's a Tile or Tile-enabled device traveling with them.

Tile’s "Scan and Secure" feature is available on both Android and iOS. More importantly, concerned users don’t need to have a Tile account or be part of the Tile Network to use it. They merely need the latest version of the Tile app.

Tile has designed the Scan and Secure feature to allow users to choose when and where to scan for unwanted devices. The company claims it designed the feature in consultation with experts, to ensure it supports potential victims of intimate partner violence. Speaking about the feature, Erica Olsen, director for the National Network to End Domestic Violence's Safety Net Project, said:

If someone is a victim of domestic abuse and they are preparing to leave their partner for example, it's helpful to be able to choose the time and place that's safest for them to proactively check if there is a device on them that could track their location. Putting the control in their hands is an important part of increasing safety.

To hunt for unwanted Tile trackers in the vicinity, users need to download the Tile app, then head over to the Scan and Secure tab and follow the on-screen instructions. The feature requires about 10 minutes and asks users to walk or move a certain distance away from their original location, to look for trackers.

Tile has Safety Tips for users who detect suspicious Tiles or Tile-enabled devices. The company assures it will work with law enforcement through a properly issued court order to identify the owner of a Tile suspected of being nefarious.

Tile launches its first anti-stalking feature Scan and Secure&039 that alerts about trackers nearby

In order to become aware of a Tile tracker, users need to turn on Bluetooth, Location or Location Services, and Precise Location.

There were a lot of concerns about stalking, and even criminal activities, involving Apple AirTags. However, Apple has significantly improved the software to prevent illicit use. AirTags now make a sound at random intervals if they are separated from the Apple device that is registered to track them. Moreover, if a person has an unknown AirTag traveling with them, they receive an alert on their iPhone.

Tile has mentioned that the Scan and Secure feature is just the beginning. The company suggested the feature was deployed first because the majority of victims know their abuser.

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