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Love the yellow iPhone 14? Here are other things Apple sells in yellow

Person sitting in front of iMac

Apple launched the yellow-colored iPhone 14 and 14 Plus recently. The new variants bring a wave of refreshment to the iPhone color palette which currently includes Midnight, Starlight, Product Red, Blue, and Purple options. However, this is not the first time Apple has released a yellow iPhone, the company did it a long time ago with the iPhone 5C.

These new iPhone 14 models have the exact same specifications as the existing ones and they'll go on sale on March 14, starting at $799. But the latest yellow iPhones also bring us to the question: Can we create a yellow Apple ecosystem? The answer is partly yes, so let's explore what other products the iPhone-maker sells in yellow.

A yellow iPad? Yes

Apple devices in yellow color

You don't need to think twice before getting a yellow iPad because Apple offers the color with its 10th Gen iPad. The budget iPad model features a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina Display and stereo speakers in a fashion similar to the iPad Pro, a much-needed change from the old design. All you need to do is shell out $449 from your pocket and it will be yours. However, if you want more power and features, you'll be disappointed because Apple doesn't offer the iPad Pro and iPad Air in yellow.

A yellow Apple Watch? Yes

Apple devices in yellow color

As has always been the case, you can customize the Apple Watch with a plethora of color options. While the main hardware of the Watch remains the same, you can buy a yellow ocean band for your Apple Watch Ultra or a yellow solo loop for your Apple Watch Series 8 or Watch SE 2.

A yellow Mac? Yes

Apple devices in yellow color

The territory of MacBooks is a barren land when talking about yellow, in fact, solid color options in general. But the road doesn't end here. Apple currently sells the 24-inch iMac in a yellow color option, starting at $1,499. The accompanying Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse also come in yellow, allowing them to blend in easily with the iMac.

Now, you might think your MacBook would look like an odd chicken in your yellow Apple ecosystem. Here, M2 MacBook Air's Starlight variant is the only closest option you have without adding a third-party skin. Otherwise, you can choose from a variety of MacBook skins from DBrand and other popular names.

A yellow HomePod? Yes

A picture of yellow Apple HomePod

Apple's Siri-powered smart speaker doesn't disappoint when it comes to color options. You can pay $99 to bring home a yellow HomePod mini. However, there are only Midnight and White color options available for the pricier 2nd Gen HomePod.

A yellow pair of AirPods? Nope

Image of Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen

Of course, white is the only option when it comes to Apple AirPods, be it pro or regular. You have some color choices with AirPods Max, but yellow isn't one of them. But you can complete your yellow Apple ecosystem with the help of a yellow-colored case for your AirPods. A minion-themed case would surely be a good choice here if you can find one.

A yellow AirTag? Nope

Apple devices in yellow color

Similar is the story of AirTags, which are also white in color with a choice of grey engraving. But you can go for the Sunflower AirTag Loop as a workaround and make it a member of your yellow Apple family.

A yellow Apple TV? Nope

Apple TV 4K with TV screen

A rare member of the Apple ecosystem is Apple TV which doesn't invite as many buyers as an iPhone or a Mac. That's the reason having color options for Apple TV would be too much to ask for. However, you can have the main unit and the remote wrapped in yellow, if you want it so badly.

So, these are some products you can buy to create your own yellow Apple ecosystem. With that said, Midnight is also a color that Apple offers with HomePod and MacBook, so we can also think about a blue Apple ecosystem as well. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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