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Twitter adopts Microsoft's Bing to translate tweets

Twitter is great at connecting people from around the world in real time but now it can also help its users better understand what others are saying thanks to the “translate tweet” feature.

Twitter has partnered with Microsoft’s Bing Translator to offer users a useful feature: translating tweets. As those on Windows Phones know, this feature has been tried and tested on different apps for a long time but now it’s finally available to everyone.

Users of Twitter’s mobile apps as well as those on the web can enable the feature by going to their Settings and checking the “Translate tweets” option.

Obviously, the tweets are machine translated, so don’t expect things to be perfect but Bing’s efforts are usually enough for everyone to get the gist of a tweet. Plus, the technology is getting better all the time, so the more it’s used the more accurate it should be.

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