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Bill Gates tricks late-night host Jimmy Fallon into drinking poop water

Bill Gates appeared in the late night show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He is currently making his TV appearances in order to promote his 2015 annual letter over at GatesLetter.com about the fight to eradicate poverty.

In relation to this, he also introduced in the show the latest innovation he invested in, the "Omniprocessor," the machine that reportedly turns poop into potable water, which we have previously reported about. This, according to Gates himself, reduces sewage especially in Africa, and places where there is no proper sanitation.

The former Microsoft CEO, expressing his playful side then challenged Fallon into an "ultimate taste test." Placing two glasses of water in front of the comedian, Gates asked the host to choose which glass he wanted to drink. It was mentioned that one of the glasses contained "poop water," and the other being bottled water. Fallon, after a lot of hesitations and obvious nervousness, drank one of the glasses, with Bill gulping down the other. After the late-night host finished his share of the water, it was only then that Bill Gates revealed both the glasses contained poop water. Surprised, Fallon fell and hid under the table.

Despite spitting out some of the water during the first drink, Fallon admitted that the water "tasted really good."

This is not the first time Bill Gates visited Jimmy Fallon's program. He guested in the show last year, with the same objective of making people aware about the mission against poverty, bringing with him an odd viral video starring the Microsoft man himself sporting different outfits and hairdos.

Source: The Huffington Post

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