Twitter begins rolling out the new desktop experience based on the PWA

Twitter has been a supporter of the Progressive Web App platform for some time, and it brought its service to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 over a year ago. The PWA was also served to those visiting its mobile website, and we knew that it would eventually become the default for desktop users. Today is the day it happens, at least for some people.

Using its own platform, Twitter has announced that the new desktop experience is here, though as of right now, it doesn't seem to be available for everyone. In its release notes page, the company says that it's begun rolling out the new design, so it's possible you won't see it just yet. Nonetheless, it should make its way to all users sooner rather than later.

If you've been using the desktop website until now, you'll notice a radically different look, but also a few new features. There's a new Explore tab brought over from the mobile apps, and while borrowing from the mobile experience, Twitter has also brought bookmarks to the desktop. Direct messages now have a split view so you can see the conversation list and messages at the same time, there's now an account switcher for up to five accounts, and you now have the choice of two different dark modes - Dim (dark blue) and Lights Out (dark grey) - in addition to the default light theme.

If you've already been using the PWA, Twitter is still highlighting some recent changes made to the experience. There are now search filters, so you can narrow down results so they're only from people you follow, or from nearby locations. As previously announced, you'll now see an indication next to tweets that break the platform's rules but have been kept for the sake of public interest.

There are also many improvements to existing features, including the ability to use "Retweet with comment" on tweets you've retweeted before. Here's the full list:

  • Tweet: You can now “Retweet with comment” on a tweet you’ve already retweeted. More chances to show your favorites even more love.
  • Tweet: The app should now refresh less often when you are in the middle of composing a Tweet.
  • Tweet / A11Y: Using the “J” or “K” keys to navigate timelines will now focus on the content in a more consistent place at the top of the screen for easier readability.
  • Navigation: Moving to or from certain pages should now have less flickering visually.
  • Navigation: Most action or overflow menus now include icons alongside each item.
  • Media: Media in DMs now looks more like media in Tweets
  • DMs: Failed DM messages can now be deleted or retried.

Additionally, a few issues have been fixed:

  • Profiles: Suspended or otherwise unavailable users will no longer crash certain screens and can now be de-selected as a recipient when replying to a conversation they were in.
  • Profiles: Updating your bio when it contains a URL is now much easier and if you have a profile URL, it won’t disappear every time you update your profile, and now you have a little more room to type in your bio.
  • Media: Opening the gallery with data saver on should now more reliably load a larger photo.
  • DMs: Trying to create an unnamed DM group with a set of users you already have a conversation with should now correctly take you to the existing conversation instead.
  • General: Added a whole lot of polish around smaller bugs, this is that super general “minor improvements” part of the post.

If you're using the mobile website or the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10, all of the features above should already be available to you. If you're using the desktop experience, you should get them when the new look rolls out to you.

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