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Twitter confirms paid pro accounts coming

It's been debated for a while now about whether or not Twitter, a popular social networking service, will begin including a paid pro account for use. Well, as the Wall Street Journal reports, Twitter itself has confirmed the news that a paid account is coming. The company has recently hired a product manager to organize the development of these accounts.

Twitter has become very popular with not only the average consumer, but celebrities and companies as well, many using it to promote products or hold competitions. This may be causing problems for the company; why would companies pay Twitter to display ads when they can already broadcast ads using the service for free? Well, companies would be still willing to pay to get features like follower statistics, and a way to authenticate the account, so it is trusted.

There is currently no word on how much a paid account would cost, or what it will feature, but it is being assumed it will be a rather high fee as companies would be able to pay a lot to have vastly improved tools on Twitter. Additionally, it's currently being aimed at companies, and not at the average Joe, so when these new accounts do launch don't expect them to be very affordable.

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