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Uber Eats gets bill splitting feature so everyone pays their fair share

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Uber has announced the launch of bill splitting in its Uber Eats app to ensure that everyone in the group picks up part of the cost of group orders. With bill splitting, users can create groups with their friends, select what they want from the same restaurant, and have the order placed in the group admin’s basket ready for it to be purchased. Rather than one person being billed, each member will be billed for the items they choose.

Accompanying bill splitting are deadlines and auto-reminders. With deadlines, each member of the group will know what time they need to have picked their selection by to be included in the next order. With auto-reminders, admins won’t have to remind friends to place their order, instead the Uber Eats app will nudge them to select what they want.

As the coronavirus pandemic finally seems to becoming something of the past, Uber wants to get ready for people mingling again. It said that its new bill splitting feature will remove the hassle of ordering food as a group and it will ensure that everyone gets the victuals they want rather than the organiser guessing what people will like – especially after two years apart.

To begin using bill splitting, just look for the option to place a group order in the Uber Eats app or on the Uber Eats website.

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