Unofficial Star Fox 2 SNES cartridge shows up on eBay for $150

Although Star Fox 2 is a brand new never before released title that launched exclusively on the recently released SNES Classic Edition, a playable form of the unofficial game has been floating around on the internet for quite some time. It appears that some enterprising folks on eBay are now offering the game on cartridges, which can be played on an original Super Nintendo console.

While there were quite a few up for sale earlier today, it now appears that a majority of the available units are now sold out. The cartridge features the game art from the SNES Classic Edition and the listing also cites that the game is the same version that can be found on the newly released retro console. While a majority of the examples sold between $60 to $80, there is one that sold for $150.

Of course, these are most likely not official copies produced by Nintendo, but they are still quite intriguing. Currently, the SNES Classic Edition is sold out, but there have been promises the product will be restocked and be made available into 2018.

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Source: eBay via Polygon

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