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Unofficial tool says it lets you customize Windows 11 all in one place

A developer on GitHub with the username "builtbybel" has created a new tool called "ThisIsWin11" (TIW11) and according to the dev, the new software is somewhat like a one-stop-shop for personalizing your Windows 11 experience. In fact, in the "about" section of the software, the maker even touts the TIW11 as "The real PowerToys for Windows 11".

For example, you apparently will be able to uninstall some of the pre-installed apps that come with Windows. While some users do utilize these features, others may not and for them, these apps are likely not much more than bloatware.

ThisIsWin11 apps screen

Other various Windows 11 settings can also be tweaked with as shown in the image below:

ThisIsWind11 settings screen

It has been recommended that you delete your existing "Packages" folder before applying the changes made in TIW11 to avoid conflict in the form of duplicate files and such. Of course, it is always safe to keep a backup.

The Packages folder contains the files of the Windows apps installed on that user profile. You can find it in C:/Users/%username%/AppData/Local/Packages. These settings are generally hidden so you may have to unhide them.

To enable these features, the ThisIsWin11 app consists of five modules according to its dev.

  • Presenter: The start screen guides you through an pictured introduction to the new operating system Windows 11 and allows you quickly to configure it.
  • PumpedApp: This module allows you checking and optimizing Windows 11 configuration among other things (all changes made can also be undone)

  • Kickassbloat will help you removing pre-installed Windows 11 apps

  • Packages is there for you to quickly install one or the other app

  • PowerClicks allows you automating several Windows 11 tasks based on PowerShell and community scripts.

If you wish to try the ThisIsWin11 tool for yourself, you can head over to the GitHub page for the latest release version 0.70.0. The changelog is also available there. Bear in mind though that this is an unofficial third-party application and it may mess up your system. So you have to install it at your own risk.

Source and images: builtbybel (GitHub)

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