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TIW11 evolves into Debloos, the "Universal Debloater and PC Manager for Windows 11"

Update: The app has undergone another re-naming, with new features like a mods marketplace for Windows 11, and more.

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The popular third-party Windows 11 tweaking and customization tool, ThisIsWin11 (TIW11) has received its latest update with version 1.4.1 today. The update carries a few minor bug fixes, says the developer, who goes by the GitHub username builtbybel.

However, the major change is the complete repackaging of the tool into "Debloos". According to the builtbybe, Debloos or Debloat OS is the "Universal Debloater and PC Manager for Windows 11." The initial release of the tool with version 0.12.0 is now out. Here's how it looks:

Debloos home screen

It is noteworthy that ThisIsWin11 will not be retired, at least not immediately; though as expected, by the time next-gen Windows 12 hits us, the app will cease to exist.

ThisIsWin11 will continue to be maintained but I could imagine giving also the best features of ThisIsWin11 to the new Debloos app. At the latest with Windows 12, the ThisIsWin11 app would also be retired.

The Debloos app is built on the same code and GUI as the discontinued LoveWindowsAgain app. Nothing will change here for the time being but new features will be added and improved.

The release note for ThisIsWin11 version 1.4.1 says:

This release of ThisIsWin11 fixes some minor issues and has been repackaged with the new Debloos app . This univeral Debloater and PC Manager is going to be sooner or later the successor of ThisIsWin11.

The changelog for Debloos 0.12.0 is given below:

Initial release
Tested on W11, Build 25201

  • Added BloatFinder app (for removing apps the manual way including a "Slasher Mode" for automatic detection) analogue to ThisIsWin11 > PumpedApp module
  • Added InstaPackage app (for installing some nifty app packages) analogue to ThisIsWin11 > Packages module
  • Added WinModder app (for applying custom script/automation files to customize Windows 11) analogue to ThisIsWin11 > PowerUI module
  • Added Windows 11 Setup/Assistant, similar to ThisIsWin11 Get Started module

You can download ThisIsWin11 from its GitHub page here. Likewise, the latest Debloos version is available here.

Interestingly, Microsoft also has its own PC Manager app in the works, though it is still in beta.

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